What Is Spiritual Consciousness?

Have you ever received an epiphany, a sudden “knowing” of something and you cannot explain how you developed the thought? If you study this, you will find lots of examples of epiphanies within major scientific discoveries, music, and art. This “knowing” that we have all experienced at some level comes from a place that is not within our thinking minds. Our minds received it, but it did not originate from within our thoughts and calculations. Even Einstein proclaimed that he himself had no extraordinary genius… that the ideas that made him famous were extracted from imagination; and he merely placed them into concepts that our thinking minds could understand by applying mathematics. He had to conceptualize what he had come to “know” so that he could reveal it to the rest of us but the original “knowing” or what we also call “the intuitive leap” was the originator. This is true of many humans who have been attributed with great discoveries or accomplishments. They were able to “know” first and then implement or strive to explain later. This is spiritual consciousness.

What is Spiritual Consciousness?

Believing is conceptual. It is developed through thought within our minds where we accept something as true, hold something as an opinion, suppose, or presume. Everyone can “believe” whatever they choose and provide supporting evidence, although not proof, that whatever it is they believe can be considered as truth. This illustrates how our thinking minds must deal with things we cannot prove. But even the idea of “proof” is a thought concept dependent on perception. We at one time believed in the concept of a flat earth because of our perspective from a geographical spot but as a being floating in space observing the earth, we would have seen that this is a myth. We have lots of examples of human belief that had to be revised as more understanding was developed. Belief is the human mind’s attempt to explain what it does not understand and the proof is fleeting dependent on perspective; all based on thinking and calculating what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Knowing > Believing > Thinking

Trying to explain knowledge that is outside of the capacity of human thinking is a difficult task. Try to think your way through “what is outside of our universe”, “what is outside of whatever is outside of our universe”, and what is outside of that? Several great minds throughout history have attempted to understand infinity but could never conceptualize it. That is because infinity cannot be put in a box with a label on it or it would cease to be infinity. But put away the thinking mind with its limited capacity to only conceive of objects and things. Shut down this tool that will only be useful afterward when you have to translate “knowing” into terms acceptable to the human thinking mind. It cannot participate in the overall knowing that surrounds it. The thinking mind is like a fish within the ocean… the fish can get along fine without understanding the ocean in its totality, but he will never be more than a fish inside the ocean.

Spiritual Consciousness

Instead of being the fish, why not be the ocean? Swim around and play within the many “things” that the ocean has manifested as a fish when you choose but evolve into a super fish who can “know” about far more than the fish who just exists within the ocean. Like many of our great prophets, philosophers, scientists, and artists, you too can venture into the surrounding “knowing.” You are a spiritual consciousness that is connected with all of the underlying intelligence in the totality of all (things and non-things), God (a term misinterpreted regularly) if you like, the universe, and with the spiritual essence of other humans. You are a spiritual being that possesses a thinking mind that you control as long as you don’t “believe” that you “are” your thinking mind. You are a part of the ocean and the fish is yours to use as you choose. This you do not have to “believe” because if you are evolving to a spiritually awakened state then you “know” this is true.

Coming Out of the Darkness – The Ego

We remain oblivious to our destiny as human beings if we dwell as captors in our thinking minds. We call all the concepts that we have developed within our thinking minds the ego. The ego is all the concepts that we “believe” we are and that “belief” causes us to think that this is all we are. Look around at the world that the thinking mind has created. Sure there are marvelous inventions but there is also pollution, wars, weapons of mass destruction, global warming, and poverty. The evils of this world can all be traced back to the ego which is born of the thinking mind that is not under the control of spiritual consciousness. The ego has used the small glimpses of “knowing” to benefit us and also to propagate the mass insanity that it has become. We must awaken to our spiritual consciousness and begin to monitor and control our minds or the physical world and human forms will annihilate themselves with this subordinate thinking mind identification – the ego.


This is where you are when you receive an epiphany. This is where you are when your thinking mind is less active and you are paying attention to the voids between thoughts; being at peace. This is where you are when you observe your own egoic actions and understand where these actions come from. This is where you are when you do not feel the need to judge or criticize others or try to always get something from them. This is where you are when you feel connected to all things, non-things, and all other beings. This is where you are when you realize that all things and non-things that are within us and surround us are conspiring to our greatest benefit. This is where you are when you “know” and have no need to “believe.”

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