What is the law of attraction?

You’ve probably already heard about the law of attraction. It indicates that we regularly attract to our lives exactly what we focus on the most.

According to it, our thoughts and sensations emit vibratory frequencies in the form of messages to the Universe. Try to imagine the Universe as an immense mirror. Tut this mirror is creative. It doesn’t return an image, but a materialization of what you think.

Law of attraction as a personal development tool:

Today we’ll focus on the law of attraction within the personal development field, rather than the possibility of focusing on finding love or fortune. For example, having successful projects requires planning and strategic thinking, desire something with great intensity, optimism and confidence, hoping that in this way all those desired goals will be fulfilled.

These ideas, expressed in the simplest possible way, are known as the Law of Attraction, according to which the energy of our thoughts shapes our reality through the energy vibration we generate during the process of thinking.

You are what you think:

According to this approach “We are what we think” because we develop a mental state through tuned and harmoniousThe Law of Attraction vibrations capable of configuring a psychological state where thoughts are the cause and, in turn, the way to get things. Is it possible? And even more, is it reliable? Given its relevance, especially in the disciplines of personal development, it is worth talking a little about it objectively.

The basis of the law of attraction

The so-called law of attraction is not a new concept. It nourishes its roots in classical theosophy and the “new age” movement. According to this law, some forces invisibly weave the universe.

Different from fatalism which supposes that fate predetermines everything in our lives, the law of attraction suggest that if you ask for something the universe will provide it. It’s somewhat similar to “positive thinking,” a very familiar concept, that when it comes to motivating us is capable of giving us that energy and confidence we need to give the next step.

The cognitive theory

According to this perspective, we can learn to change our mental processes by changing our perception and memories to help us acquire new methods and achieve changes in our lives.

For example, think of those who want to lose weight but can see themselves eating healthy. Visualizing themselves initiating their mornings without the need for sugary cereals or high-calorie meals, but with fruits and healthy protein shakes, can induce change. That said, thought can help us achieve goals, as indicated by the law of attraction.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

The interesting thing about this psychological tendency is that it teaches us that it is our thoughts that originate the emotions and behaviors, never the other way around.

That is to say, giving priority to our train of thought we could shape our emotions. If we think about setting aside all the possible obstacles by standing firm to achieve any particular goal, finally that thought will guide us to success.

Alternative to the law of attraction: Action

One main criticism against the law of attraction is that it is predominantly on the energetic aspect. The essential idea is to achieve something you only have to “ask for it,” either to the universe or to that invisible force that surrounds us.

Nevertheless, demonstrate an attitude of enthusiasm, positivism, and gratitude will always get you further. That’s why, using a reminder, will not only provide balance to your seven chakras but will also help you focus when using the law of attraction to manifest your dream life.

Focusing our energies goes well beyond the passivity state. It doesn’t do us much good to humbly demand those goals in our lives if we don’t do our part. It will always be appropriate and necessary to maintain a positive attitude. But that positivism must be reasonable and logical.

The solutions to our life problems won’t occur only by thinking, wanting and waiting. You need to step up.

Attraction and action are complementary:

We can interpret the law of attraction as that first stimulus before a change of attitude. I think that I want something, to understand that I must make a change and that I must strive to achieve it. Hence the need to complement it with the “law of action.” Once you have opened your sights and your hopes, is the moment to turn on the change engines.

Don’t think only that the energies will act on their own to give you everything you wish for. Go and put in the extra effort. Implement new strategies. Build your path every day and understand that every achievement has a process behind it, and the satisfaction of a job well-done.


Sarah Roberts

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