When Did I Become Invisible?

(This is one of those “For Seniors Only” articles, but you can cheat and  read it if you want to. Just don’t tell.)

I had a million things going on at once and could handle them all – sometimes with a little assistance. I was a Congressman’s wife, for goodness sakes, and was busy doing Congressman’s wife things. I was written about in books, put on the cover of a magazine, invited to speak all over the country, wrote a book, raised two sons, and had lots of “friends.”  I was thin and I looked good.

When an election defeat ended those days, I  was still busy raising children, driving carpools, and being involved in many things. I was known. I started my own busness, spoke at various groups and was active in a number of organizations. When I went to a store I almost always saw someone I knew. Weight was beginning to be a problem, but with a lot of exercise and calorie counting I stayed somewhat in control.

Years went by.  The marriage ended. Pounds went on. Hair got gray (only my hairdresser knows  that for sure, though). The boys grew up and left home.

I began  to realize that when I went to a store, clerks didn’t rush to help me. In fact sometimes they acted like they didn’t even see me. At the health club I was totally ignored – I guess because I wasn’t a mini-size wearing a thong. (And I will never go back to Ballys).  The other day I was in a local upscale department store and was the only one shopping in that department. The clerk ignored me. To her, I wasn’t there.

When did that happen? When did I become invisible?

What do I do about it?

(I’m formulating my plan. I’ll let you know. If there are any more of you who have become invisible, let me know. I’d love to hear from you).

Author: Irene Conlan, MSN, PhD.

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