Why More Men Are Doing Yoga in 2020

Yoga is a low impact workout that most men don’t think about. But in 2020 more men are taking up yoga and with good reason. Mental health, fitness, and dieting are all popular subjects this year and to find an exercise that benefits the rest of your routine can be tough to find.

Here’s a look at 9 reasons why more men are practicing yoga in 2020 and how it could benefit your 2020 fitness plan.

Reduces Injuries

New workouts can include a lot of running and weightlifting depending on your goals. Yoga has the ability to stretch out your muscles in preparation for vigorous workouts. Yoga can reduce the likeliness of injury or fatigue and will suit your schedule, whether you want to do yoga before, after or on a completely different day to your workout. Both the stretches and breathing involved with yoga improve your flexibility and stamina. And this, in turn, means you’re less prone to injury.

Improves Flexibility

Most exercises require at least a small amount of flexibility, and you’ll find the more flexible you become your workouts will improve. Consider running, having the ability to stretch out further helps to loosen up the body and you’ll find your strides improve and in turn your time and speed increases.

If you have particular training plans you want to stick to here are some of the exercises that benefit from yoga:

  • Strength training—massively helps with flexibility, core strength and improves breathing. Making sure your muscles are getting enough oxygenated blood is essential during any strength workout, which makes your breathing essential.
  • Running—As mentioned, you’ll find that warm-ups are better, muscles aren’t as tight, your strikes are longer and your breathing will improve.
  • Cycling—being in the same position hunched over can take its toll on and enthusiast, so make sure you have the right yoga stretches to counter.
  • Swimming—know for being a complete body workout, yoga and swimming work perfectly together. Improve your flexibility and breathing and notice your recovery time and speed increase.


While more intense workouts are normally advised for toning, some yoga positions are ideal for a less intense toning session. If you’re looking to add some low impact sessions to your rest days, here are some of the best positions for toning:

  • Plank Pose—ideal for toning the stomach.
  • Cobra—helps tone the buttocks
  • Warrior 1 & 2—helps to tone the thighs and buttocks
  • Downward facing dog—tones both the back of your legs and arms

Weight Loss

Recent medical studies have proven that overweight men who practice yoga were able to lose 4lbs in as little as 10 days. While it might not be the most effective way to lose weight, it’s a much easier starting off point, and combining this with cross trainer workouts will help get you body ready for more intense workouts such as road running.

Relieves Stress

The benefits of yoga to relieve stress and benefit mental health is only growing with research. The breathing techniques used during yoga helps to reduce blood pressure along with improving your heart rate. If you suffer from work stress, anxiety or other mental health issues, taking some time in the day to practice your breathing exercise can massively change your perception of the day. Similar to workouts, it’s a change most people can make to improve their mental health.

Reduce Your Daily Aches and Pains

If your career involves sitting at a desk in front of a computer, you’ll find morning or evening aches and pains tend to set in. Yoga is a great way to reverse the effects of poor posture, and even if you don’t find yourself with the time to perform ‘proper’ yoga exercises, desk yoga is a current trend for office workers on their break with a short amount of time to stretch out. Spinal, lower back and leg pain can occur sitting at a desk and while improving your posture is the best step, in the long run, yoga can help in the meantime.

Desk Yoga Tips:

Here are a few beneficial desk yoga poses you can try in work that won’t make you look insane:

  • Seated Twist—place both hands on the same armrest, inhale, and on exhale twist your body towards the armrest.
  • Rolls Your Shoulders—On inhale, bring your shoulders up to your ears, then back down. On exhale move forward toward your computer screen.
  • Back Bend—your back should be off the back of your chair, reach and hold the back of the chair with both hands, keeping your arms straight. Then pull your shoulder blades back, lean forward and inhale. Hold, then exhale and return to the start position.

You’ll Smell Better

It’s a bit of a stretch, but yoga participants are known to have a much better natural aroma. The right breathing techniques along with sweating are known to bring bad toxins out of the body, which can cause odors. While it’s not scientifically proven a lot of professionals are mentioning this when talking about the benefits of yoga.

Improves Focus

Combining all of the above improves men’s mental health, fitness and flexibility. It will give you more self-confidence as well as improves your focus, both on your work goals and fitness targets. Consistency is key with yoga and performing the exercise a few times a week before or after training you’ll begin you see the positives very early on into your new routine.

There’s No Excuse to Skip it!

Routines can easily be skipped when you’re planning on a run and it rains or if you were going to the gym after work but had a bad day. While your lifestyle might get in the way of other exercises there really is no reason you can’t do yoga a couple of times a week. The first step is to buy a good yoga mat, after that check some videos about yoga for beginners and away you go. It’s 20/30 mins out of your day, so turn the TV off and try it.

About the Author

Jamie Costello is a Junior Researcher in Public Health, based in the UK. He regularly researches around his sector to help improve his knowledge and produce valuable articles for readers. He’s previously worked with businesses that specialize in fitness clothing which has helped to collate this article in particular.

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