Why Self-Confidence is Important for Personality Development

One of the distinct characteristics of successful people is self-confidence. I dare you to check through the biography of any successful person in any field of endeavor and you will certainly be faced with the story of self-confidence. Success in anything is never easy because life is full of hurdles and challenges and you will need to be confident in yourself, in your abilities and in your vision to be able to scale through the challenges and hurdles life brings your way. In a world with over 7 billion inhabitants, you will need a healthy dose of self-confidence to be yourself; otherwise, you will find yourself appropriating behaviors and attitudes of others. There are only two options in this life—to be yourself or be someone else! Of course, I assume the better option of the two must be clear to you by now. Click here to know more about self-confidence and personality development. Here are some of the reasons why self-confidence is so important;

Self Confidence Plays a Primary Role to Success

Success in any human activity entails success in dealing with people. This is because as human beings, we relate with fellow human beings just as animals relate with fellow animals. Self-confidence is, therefore, a core determinant of success because it helps to bring out the very best in a person. You are able to perform optimally in anything be in academics, sports or business/career to the tune of the confidence you have in yourself. Others may doubt your ability or capacity to perform but as long as you believe in yourself, you are on the path to success.

Helps to achieve your Targeted Goal

Every human being has a goal or aim they are aiming to achieve. Although the efforts they are willing to put into achieving the goal may vary at each point in time, we all have a goal we are aiming at. Goals make life worthwhile, meaningful and purposeful. It is imperative that we set goals that are high and difficult to achieve because it will bring out the best in us and keep us motivated to invest our best efforts in whatever we do.   

Self-confidence makes you attractive

Self-confidence is the ultimate aid to attraction. Let’s face it; we all rely on the acceptance and validation of others in some way. Whatever career, profession or activity you are engaged in; there is a huge chance that you will have to relate with people at some point. People must like you for anything you do to be profitable. Self-confidence makes you an original and appreciated by others.

Self Confidence Helps You to Make the Right Decisions

Many times we get so afraid of what people would think about us that we end up abandoning what we want to do in other to please others. Self-confidence helps you prioritize yourself and helps you dare to be different. Conformity is an enemy of personal development. The world needs you to be you because you are at your best when you are yourself. Self-confidence helps to open up your mind and makes you less afraid to follow your intuition.

Self Confidence Makes You Productive

Productivity is a function of self-belief. If you believe you can do it, then you can do it. One reason why productivity is automatically increased due to self-confidence is that self-confidence is a motivator! It keeps us motivated and happy in performing a task. When we are happy, our interest is boosted and when the interest in something is boosted, the increase in productivity is an automatic and inevitable reward.

Helps You to Interact Socially

As human beings, we all thrive on social interaction! Based on our emotional nature as human beings, we tend to be so intimidated by others around us based on their looks, achievement or socioeconomic status that we develop an inferiority complex when they are around us and this usually have a negative impact on our social life. Confidence in the self makes us bold to approach anyone and have interaction without feeling intimidated by them due to whatever we feel they have achieved or attained.

Don’t Give Up Attitude

Lack of confidence is apparent in our approach and disposition to things around us. Success is more difficult when we are not confident in what we are doing and as a result, we might throw up an attitude just to mask our insecurities. Self-confidence, therefore, makes us more mature and responsible in the way we act and approach things. Even where interest in an activity is not high, self-confidence makes us open to learning and thereby building our life skills.

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