Why Should I Spend 30 Minutes On Personal Development Every Day?


Why should I spend 30 minutes on personal development every day? It is natural to feel demotivated and dull in the every-day, monotonous rat race of life. It is also okay to feel bad and that you are not good enough when everything goes south. Little do we realize how these little things push you away from the desired success in life! It is a psychological aspect wherein due to constant failures the brain shuts down and stops creating motivating thoughts for you to move forward.

Why personal development?

It is then that one forgets how success tastes and starts walking in the opposite direction, without any realization. At this time, one is overwhelmed with negative thoughts. They become lethargic and feel doomed all the time when actually, they should realize the intensity of the situation. It is extremely important to take note of such thoughts and work on them to be able to function better.

People generally have a tendency to start victimizing themselves without even realizing it. It is then that they most need to pay attention to their Personal Development.  This strategy is termed as “reframing” oneself. It is a rather specific process, wherein one needs to link the goal, that they set for themselves, with the estimated commitment needed to achieve it.

30 minutes each day

It is recommended to take just 30 minutes out of one’s busy life to ponder oneself. All of us spend at least 30 minutes on unproductive things like watching TV, using social media networks, etc. One can invest the same amount of time in self-reflection and taking positive steps towards one’s personal development.

If you feel that you do not need to or you cannot take thirty minutes to ponder the issues that have been demotivating you, then all you need to do is let it go. Trust your gut! If something doesn’t deserve even 30-minutes of your time then there’s no point in wasting time and energy over it. What most people do wrong is that they over-complicate their goal for personal development.

Stop over-thinking

The process of over-thinking is a scary one. It slows the process of achieving the goal, and that is what creates all the trouble. It is all about taking a deep breath, calming down and telling yourself that these 30 minutes spent on yourself every day will bring a definite change in yourself—a change that will positively affect all the important dimensions of life. With time, you may feel that 30 minutes are not enough for you. There are no rules! Give one hour or two of constant and religious work and then ponder the areas wherein you require working more to achieve your goal.

Some things to keep in mind

Some of the most important things to keep in mind while setting and achieving a goal for yourself are as follows:

  1. Shortcut– There are no magical paths to take or miracles that happen in everyday life. Life is a rigorous process which requires constant work and motivation.
  2. Talent– Yes, it is absolutely true that some people are born talented. But what is the purpose of that talent if they do not nurture it? Again, it is not completely true that talent cannot be achieved. With the right attitude and hard work, one can even win over the naturally talented individual.
  3. Individualistic approach- Some people just refuse to get up once they are demotivated. While falling down is natural, not getting up again is not justified. A person needs to understand their shortcomings and work upon themselves every day in order to succeed in everything that they do in life.

All of us want to make it big in life and win over the world. What we usually fail to realize is that all big dreams are coupled with hindrances. These hindrances will break us, make us fall and do everything that is required for us to fail. It is upon us to not fail and stand up again to achieve the goals of life. 30 minutes is not a very long time. Try to take this time outfor your personal development. These become the steps for you to achieve the ultimate goal in life.

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Harrish Sairaman is a well-known motivational teacher in India, helping many to achieve which once seemed unachievable like increase motivation, leadership, Corporate Performance, decrease stress etc. through Leadership training programs & Corporate training, Entrepreneur Coaching and Individual Coaching to name a few.

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