Why traveling makes us more creative

Traveling has become an indispensable part of our lives. Since the world has shrunk due to the new age digitization, it has grown extremely convenient to travel to most parts of the world in just a few hours. Earlier traveling was about taking a family vacation in the breaks we had from school, now the case is slightly different.

traveling makes us more creative

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You will find airports busy every day with not just family vacationers but also business travelers who are traveling for business meetings or conferences, solo travelers who are travel and food bloggers or simply student backpackers who have taken a break, working moms who are doing a quick transit.

What is it about travel that makes us become a different person? Many facets of traveling affect our being which we may not realize during trip or transit when we are running from pillar to post.

Meet and greet

traveling makes us more creative

One if the most enjoyable and exciting qualities of traveling are that you are not in a vacuum. You get to meet different people at different points and phases in your travel. Different people imply different cultures that they are brought up in and the traditions that they follow.

Not just that, you encounter people with various religious beliefs and come to realize that though the forms of Almighty may be different, faith is common to all.

All this including the food, fragrance, thoughts, languages, and everything that affects you in a sensory manner allows you to form a connection with people. So, take part in events, indulge in their cuisines and come out innovative with things you can implement in your life.

When you travel to a new place, you should embrace these things as variety for the creative mind is indeed the spice of life.

The way you look at life

traveling makes us more creativeTravel pushes us out of our cocoon and comfort zone. You are made to acclimatize with the changing schedules and conditions around you. It helps you adapt and draw inspiration from the fact that some people have a hand to mouth means to survive, and yet they do so happily.

It enables you to embrace your life in a better manner and live with what you need rather than what you want. Also, during a journey, you build trust and acknowledge various opinions or takes of people on their life and sometimes it makes you take a hard look at your own.


We all have heard that creative people or artists have an inspiration or muse as a prelude to their art. Now, why limit the incentive only to artists and not the layman. Traveling to sites can give you different experiences which you draw inspiration from.

It may be a beautiful landscape which inspires and motivates you to push yourself in life goals you have set. A child’s smile that encourages you reminding you of all the laughs you have been blessed with in life. A small house at the top of a hill which inspires you to understand that contentment is an actual virtue.

Instill a sense of confidence

Imagine this. Your car has broken down on a road trip, and there is no help around. You have to wait for rescue to reach you and have to spend the night in your car stargazing in the cold and restructure your itinerary and plans again.

What do you do? You ADAPT. You analyze a situations risk, your problem shoot despite being thrown in the deep end and find a way out in the best means possible. Adapting becomes your second nature. When you see a way to adjust, life automatically becomes an easier puzzle to navigate through.

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