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Yoga Poses for Skin: Your Personalized Skincare Guide - Self Improvement

Yoga Poses for Skin: Your Personalized Skincare Guide

Being a yoga enthusiast, I always motivate people to settle on natural means to preserve wellbeing

What reflects on your face is what you are from inside. Our health is influenced by several factors which we often ignore in daily life. The quality of the air we are breathing, the food we are eating and the water we are taking in handle our body constitution.

We have grown up listening to our grannies saying that we become what we eat. Eating unhealthy junk hinders the purity of our body. We are comprised of natural elements regulating our body functioning. Balancing the several systems working in the body, our inner self demands a pure source of energy.

It is true; habits once evolved are tough to overcome. Similarly, the food habits which have crowned as fancy have fixed in today’s eating routine.

Leaving behind an old lifestyle is really tough.

Unhealthy habits contaminate our body proportion leading to an unseen physical and emotional imbalance.

Say Goodbye to shortcuts!

People today are more fond of shortcuts that often lead to costly treatment. These treatments can lower the symptoms of your ailments but can be immensely harmful to the body in the long term.

As I always recommend, switching to the natural regime is better.

Coming to nature, yoga is one of the best gifts we have received from nature.

If you are a fitness freak and have experienced yoga at some point in life, you might be aware of the benefits it rendered to you. Maybe you started having a good sleep or getting fewer chills or started feeling relaxed and active. But If you have yet not reaped the fruits of yoga, then you must.

I myself have encountered the real powers of yoga. Years before I developed unknown fatigue in my body. The cause of the drowsiness was not known. I started feeling lazy and thought it was a hit of the weather. Days passed on and I adapted the lazy routine. I had never realized that this state is far more dangerous than I can see with my bare eyes.

Immunity started falling apart and my body became prone to several seasonal allergies. From a fit healthy youngster, I turned into a lazy, boring lad. From the normal course of allergies, I started getting some hard ones.

Before it could get worse, I decided to seek a professional consultation. I was diagnosed with a weak liver and renal stones.

By that time I was done with all the over-the-counter medicines! So I decided to embrace nature once again. I started a good yoga routine.

It was tough in starting to maintain the same first-day determination but I didn’t give up. I continued to refine my yoga practice and adopt in my daily lifestyle.

To my astonishment, my dull lazy skin started glowing again. As if all the healing powers of this ancient art of India are being soaked by my body and soul. I started feeling refreshed and active again.

Not only this but my internal organs all set to restart a healthy functioning. This is how you feel after yoga.

You might have heard that Yoga is the practice of unity or yoga is an art to synchronize body, soul, and mind. But beyond this, yoga holds tremendous benefits when it comes to your skincare.

I have seen ladies spending a lot over there skin routine. But trust me, you cannot get any of the skin routines better than yoga.

“Yoga is only done when you are in suffering” is not more than a misconception!

Yoga is a book with remedies for almost every ailment. Unlike steroids, yoga targets the root cause of the discomfort and curbs that. Besides, yoga is a practice taken over the years to imbibe the sense of rejuvenation. Yoga is not only a practice to remove ailments but it is a practice to stay healthy. Even if you are not bothered by any discomfort, yoga will help you to maintain your wellbeing.

You are never too old to look young!

Coming to the skincare routine, ladies yoga really holds amazing health surprises for you.

Here is your personalized skincare yoga guide:

Made with sweet experience, this guide uncovers a basic daily yoga routine to give you flawless skin.

Yoga poses for glowing skin:

  1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

Bhujangasana benefits you with its amazing transforming benefits. Basically, Cobra pose stretches your back and infuses good flexibility. The pose does wonders for the blood flow by ensuring a smooth flow of oxygenated blood to the internal organs. The handsome blood flow rejuvenates your skin giving a natural blush.

  1. Matsyasana (Fish Pose):

Another simple stretch is here to give you flawless skin. Practice Matsayana to add a glorious glow to your skin. Fish pose benefits the body by enhancing flexibility. This pose is excellent when it comes to relaxing muscles. Prolonged tension and stress can give you early signs of aging. Matsyasana fights all signs of aging naturally.

  1. Halasana (Plow Pose):

Being a combination of bend and stretch, Plow Pose enhances the blood circulation to the head and face. Good blood flow to the veins of face targets the skin problem and gives the practitioner a healthy skin forever. Add Halasana to explore the astonishing benefits of Yoga asanas.

  1. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose):

You may suffer from a common problem of acne and uneven skin tone. The causes of these common skin issues can be really uncommon. The reasons may vary from person to person. But you must not worry, Yoga has all the solutions. Sarvangasana also is known as Shoulder Stand Pose benefits the skin by supplying rich blood to the face and head region. Sarvangasana fights acne and rejuvenates your skin.

  1. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose):

Triangle Pose is another natural salon for your skin. Add this pose to your daily yoga routine to ease the blood supply to the internal organs. Good gut and healthy organs reflect serenity through the skin.

  1. Shishuasana (Child Pose):

At some point, we look back to our childhood and feel going back to those happy days. Childhood is said to be a pleasant time of life where there are no earthly worries. It is still not too late to get that fresh aura of childhood. Shishuasana or Child pose is very effective to say goodbye to weariness and stress. This flexible pose opens up your frame and eliminates stress giving you a young look with a light soul.

This is not the end, there is a lot more that you should once give try to restore the youth.

By being among yogis I have realized that our body itself is a solution to every emerging discomfort. We just need to explore it.

Yoga is a practice that throws light on various means that can be useful in exploring your own individuality.

We often fall into the problem when we are not aware of the cause. For example, constant skin problems can be a result of an upset liver. But to treat this, we choose over the counter medicines because we are unaware of the real cause of this problem. Yoga opens you up to determine the malfunctioning of your internal organs and fix it with natural means.

Apart from physical exercises, yoga also speaks of pranayama—Breath Control Techniques.

Pranayama teaches you to control the life source of humankind. You can treat your physical and emotional disgrace just by controlling your breath.

A regular routine of morning pranayama benefits your skin and wellbeing.

Pranayama you can consider to go back to the days of youth are:

Many women may suffer from acne which aggregates in summer. You can follow the following pranayama routine to cure your skin.

  1. Sheetali and Sheetkari Breathing:

Both the techniques of pranayama turn out to be extremely effective in treating acne with pranayama.

  1. Shankh Prakshalan:

If searching for pranayama for acne, the Shankh Prakshalan technique is defined as the best natural remedy for skin problems.

How does Pranayama work?

  1. Pranayama calms the body and mind.
  2. Pranayama alleviates stress rejuvenating your wellbeing.
  3. Breathing control techniques enhances the immune system.
  4. Pranayama energizes the body and lifts up your mood giving you a natural blush.
  5. Pranayama regulates your internal organs and flushes the impurities out.
  6. Breathing techniques purify your inner state giving you crystal clear skin.
  7. Regulating the circulatory system, breath control techniques benefit the rejuvenation process in your body.

 Yoga is not enough; you have to complement it with some simple steps!

Drink plenty of water:

Our body is made up of the maximum proportion of water. So I advise you to stay hydrated throughout the day. People often give up drinking enough water in the winters. My dear reader this is the biggest folly you do with your own body.

Water is a natural body purifier, thus lack of water can lead you towards the accumulation of impurities.

Drinking enough pure water expel the toxins out of your body naturally giving you a young skin with a healthy body.

Start your day with lukewarm water to make a difference in your skin tone.

Adding lemon can also help your internal organs.

Lack of water can deplete your organs which in turn hampers the functioning. This way, your body starts turning old at a young age giving you the early signs of aging.

It is never too late to restart. Add this little step to change your life.

Balanced Diet:

Make sure to choose the right eating habits. Eat fresh seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables to get naturally glowing skin. There is much food for healthy skin. Move on the trendy junk food and make a shift towards a healthy balanced diet.

All the nutrients and proteins are equally important for the body. A good sattvic diet is always recommended for staying healthy.

Good sleep:

We all are aware of celebrities taking beauty sleep for glowing morning skin. Even if ignored, we can encounter this in our daily life. When you have not taken an adequate amount of sleep you often look tired and weary. This is because what we feel inside is reflected outside.

Thus, taking enough sleep of at least seven hours is really important to attain healthy skin.

Carry a smile:

We normally see yogis and other influencers carrying a peaceful smile. This is not because they want to flaunt their joy, but because it is a symbol of peace. Smiling itself is a facial exercise. When you smile, several veins and facial muscles are relaxed.

Nothing can be a better facial exercise than a smile. Keep smiling to get a glorious personality and a confident aura.

Final words:

This was a small personal guide daily guidebook to ensure my friends with an impactful presence and also a healthy lifestyle.

Although the above yoga poses are defined for healthy skin but practicing the above yoga will also give you other health benefits also.

About the Author:

Dhruv Sharma is a yoga enthusiast. He has been a part of the yoga world for years. He always motivates people to switch towards natural approaches for healthy wellbeing. Join Yoga Teacher Training Course in India to avail the plenty of health benefits of yoga. Be a part of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh to begin your journey towards wellbeing.














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