Your Relationship With Food

By Jodi Burke –

It is going to show whether you are a loving and nurturing person or if you are the kind that binges and criticizes. How you are with your food is going to show how you are with yourself and whether that relationship is a healthy one or not.


Ask yourself this. Am I kind and loving towards myself? Do I overly criticize or do I restrict myself from doing some of the things that I love to do? Once you have an answer to those questions, you should then look at how you are with your food. There is a very good chance that how you are with what you eat is going to be similar to how you are with yourself.

Also, slow down. Meals aren’t a short dash and you do not have to scarf down an entire meal in ten minutes or less. Enjoy your food. If you do, you’ll be much happier with what you eat. You will also find that you do not have to eat as much just so you can feel full. Make mealtime enjoyable and not another thing in your life that you have to rush through.

You should keep in mind that filling your stomach is not the same as being full and satisfied. If you just scarf down a meal in minutes when it should have been enjoyed for much longer than that, you are depriving yourself of the satisfaction that should have come with it. When you do that you are not tasting your food, you are merely swallowing it.

If you binge on meals or if you rush through them like crazy, you will be missing out on the pleasure of eating. Yes, there is pleasure in food and it is something that should be enjoyed. You should be savouring your meals and not just gulping them down. There is truth to the saying ‘you are what you eat; ‘and also ‘you are how you eat!’

If you are like that with your food, then there is a chance that you are the same way with life. You most likely wake up in the morning and rush through every little thing from breakfast to getting ready for the day ahead and you still wonder why you are tired or unhappy. If you just take the time to slow down for even a bit, you will see that there are a lot of things in your life that are worth appreciating.

Take the time to look at what your relationship with food is. If it is not as positive as you would like, then you should make the necessary changes. Treat yourself better. Make wiser choices when it comes to what you eat. Choose raw and organic whenever you can. Once you improve your relationship with food, you will soon see changes in your relationship with yourself. As you treat yourself better, you will begin to feel better. This will also translate to how you deal with other people in your life and things.

Remember – YOU deserve it!

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