Signs You Should Consider Removing Alcohol From Your Life


When you had your first bottle of beer or glass of wine years ago, you did so simply as a way to relax, have some fun at social gatherings, and fit in with the crowd. However, you may be looking at things a bit differently now, thinking what started out as something harmless has turned into a problem. If this is the case, here are some signs you may want to remove alcohol from your life.

You “Need” It to Relax

If you rush home from your job day after day just so you can get that alcoholic drink to help you relax after a tough day, it’s likely you have a problem with alcohol. While a drink or two may bring you relief temporarily, chances are you will require more and more of it to get the same feeling, setting you up for disaster.

You Lie About Your Drinking

If you have family members or friends who have expressed concern about how much you drink and you have lied to them, you are inching closer and closer to getting out of control. Should you be exhibiting this behavior, you are likely sneaking around to drink when others are not home, hiding your alcohol in out-of-the-way places around your home, or even having others buy alcohol for you and sneak it to you.

You Need More Alcohol

Over time, your body builds up a tolerance to alcohol and you need more and more to get the same effects. Though this isn’t necessarily a sign that you need to remove alcohol from your life, it may be a side-effect of regular drinking. However, there is typically a point where it becomes a symptom that you may be drinking too much.

You “Black Out”

Finally, if you are drinking so much alcohol that you “black out” on a regular basis and have no memory of what happened over the course of several hours or even days, it’s time to put the alcohol aside and seek professional help. If you don’t, it may get worse and ultimately cost you not only your job and family, but perhaps your life.

You’ve Had an Auto Accident

Whether you were driving home from a party or after spending time at a local bar, being involved in an accident where you were under the influence of alcohol or close to it is reason enough to give up alcohol. If you were involved in an accident, having a drunk driving accident lawyer on your side may have helped you avoid jail this time around. However, if you have another accident that results in another person’s injury or death, future consequences will be severe.

The Alcohol Affects Your Relationships

One of the biggest red flags that alcohol needs to be removed from your life is that it is affecting your relationships. If you tend to require alcohol before outings with people then it is likely that it is affecting your relationships. In addition, if those you are with tend to ask that you don’t drink or if they make remarks about the frequency of your consumption, alcohol may be affecting your relationships.

You’re Reading This

If you searched for an article like this one, you may already have your own concerns about your consumption. If you’re concerned about yourself, then it may not matter how much you consume or how often you drink alcohol. Cutting back or removing alcohol from your life may be the best course of action for yourself.

If you are experiencing any of these signs that indicate drinking alcohol has gone from an occasional way to have fun to something much more serious, seek out professional treatment as soon as possible.


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