Skin Health Improvement: Skin Revitalization From Inside-Out


As part of the key measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, hand hygiene has been emphasized more than ever and this brings a challenge for skin health.  Washing the hands, frequent use of hand sanitizers and wearing a face mask for long and extended hours have been part of our usual routine. While these are serving their purpose, overuse of these practices can lead to skin irritation, dehydration and damage.

Ever heard of “mask-ne” from the sweat-turned-bacteria formed under your face mask? Or “stress-induced inflammation” due to the skin damage caused by overexposure to blue light from working at home since the great shift to telecommuting? Skin issues are rampant these days and our pandemic lifestyle can affect our overall complexion and skin health in general.

Skin is an indicator. In fact, dermatologists are mindful of skin signs and changes that could indicate mild or serious medical conditions in the bigger picture. Stress can also be manifested on your skin since it can change your personal appearance — the skin surface, hair, and nails. This is why skin health, which is sometimes neglected, is as important as physical and mental health. Here are a few tricks that you can throw your way in improving your skin’s health:

Skin barrier

The largest organ of the body protects you ‘round the clock. It blocks pollution, dust, and UV rays. For the skin to work at its optimum, you can help it repair by improving your skincare regimen. Products with a skin-friendly pH level and moisturizers with ceramides and hyaluronic acid can go a long way. Check your moisturizer’s label if it has petrolatum as this also helps in sealing your skin’s natural moisture. Read how each product should be applied and do not overdo it. Keeping your skin moisturized is essential in maintaining your skin barrier.

Cosmetic trends

With many discoveries in skin science, you can make yourself feel good while reaping benefits.

Vinotherapy has been gladly introduced to the cosmetic industry. This is the practice of using wine or its by-products on the skin to heal and invigorate the body. Wine has antioxidants like flavonoids, resveratrol, and tannin which combat aging by restoring elastic fibers and collagen. It also promises aid to sag skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Vinotherapy can be practiced in many ways including wine facials or a wine bath. While this is a form of luxury for some, you can try DIY versions at home with the right wine and right application. If it is too much work for you, you can just get a glass of wine instead. At minimal consumption, this can help in aging youthfully. Wine helps to decrease feelings of stress and encourage relaxation.

Skin glow

Eating the right food can detoxify the body naturally and help you achieve the skin glow you have alway wanted. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, good fats and a varied and balanced diet can give essential nutrients that can provide beta carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and selenium which can be of great help in achieving the glow. Consider including walnuts, pomegranate, honey, coconut oil and turmeric in your diet and your skin can thank you later.

Hand hygiene

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages scrubbing of the hands for at least 20 seconds when hand washing — this is the most effective way (along with the use of  hand sanitizers and alcohol) to get rid of visible dirt, harmful chemicals, germs, and viruses. While this is campaigned, one must also learn how to combat impending effects to this like skin dryness, cracking, and blistering. After handwashing, pat them dry instead of rubbing them to avoid irritating the skin then moisturize once they are dry. You can use simple hand cream to lock in the moisture. Simple hand creams are those that do not include irritants such as retinol, anti-aging serums, allergens, and even fragrances. The less complicated the products are, the more it works.

Self-care tips

Taking care of your skin should be a holistic approach. This means that aside from paying attention to what your skin needs, you also have to be particular about how you care for your mind and body. There are countless ways to practice this that encompass both mental and physical health. Usually, self-care tips you can find online advocate for overall wellbeing and that should do the trick. Some of these tips include exercises and meditations which have organic and physiological effects.

Drink your water

With adequate water intake, your skin will appear more radiant and lesser visible wrinkles and pores. Water, proper hydration, helps the skin be plumper and improve natural collagenesis (collagen needs water to structure the skin) and elasticity. This only means that it will less likely have cracks, irritations, and blemishes.

Beauty is skin deep, that is what they always say but in reality, beauty should be taken care of from the inside out. With these tips, you can make your inner beauty come out of its shell naturally.

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