A Guide to Buy Disposable Masks 

Masks are becoming an inseparable part of today’s world. Especially after the ramification of the covid-19, masks have become pretty common in people’s lives. Earlier, disposable masks were only used by healthcare professionals but ever since the virus has caused havoc in people’s lives, the use of masks has become pretty common. Some prefer using reusable masks too, in order to save their expenses. So, cloth masks are always available in different configurations. Also, some of these cloth masks have pockets so that people can insert removable filters to make them safer.

Some are just designed simply. However, reusable masks aren’t the best choice for everyone. It’s because the masks aren’t properly cleaned when people use reusable masks. This can become a source of contamination if a person uses the mask over and over again without any sort of sanitation. So, the best choice, in this case, is to use disposable masks. There are different types of disposable masks available in today’s world. Manufacturers are ensuring every safety measure to ensure the masks are best suited for everyone. However, it’s best to find the right type of disposable masks for the ultimate protection. So, let’s take a look at the ways one should buy a disposable mask.

1. Define the Intention Behind Buying A Mask

It’s the most crucial step that people overlook. Every face mask is made for a specific purpose. So, they work best in that specific situation only. However, people don’t consider this thing and randomly grab a disposable mask thinking that it would be safer for them. Unfortunately, people can’t avoid contracting infectious diseases by wearing a simple mask. A mask only protects others from the airborne droplets released from the wearer. It means it protects others more rather than protecting the wearer. If a person wants to fully protect himself from all the harmful airborne particles, he needs to use a respirator as well. So, defining the purpose of using the mask is extremely crucial before choosing a disposable mask supplier in USA or any other country.

2. Understanding the Difference Between Masks & Respirators

Most people have this common notion that masks and respirators are the same things. However, the purpose of a mask and a respirator is quite different. The masks actually protect others from the airborne particles being released from the wearer. Respirators, on the other hand, can prevent both the wearer and others as well. But, respirators need to be used correctly in order to yield the utmost advantages.

There are different types of respirators available. So, people have a hard time buying them. The first thing that needs to be checked before buying a respirator is the mask fittings. It needs to be sealed around the nose and the mouth so that the inhaled air doesn’t pass through the edges. Also, people need to follow proper guidelines to use a respirator properly. But, these aren’t ideal for everyone, for instance, if a person is working under food service, a disposable mask is more ideal than a respirator.

3. Understand the Rating of the Masks

Masks are usually rated on five performance metrics including fluid resistance, bacterial filtration, breathability, particulate filtration, and flammability. Based on its performance, a mask is rated on a scale of 1 to 3 where 3 being the highest. It’s important to understand the ways a mask is rated before buying a disposable mask. Otherwise, people will not be able to yield the ultimate advantages of these masks. So, let’s take a look at the factors based on which a mask is rated,

  • Fluid Resistance: Every mask is tested to check its resistance against fluid penetration by shooting some blood at the mas at different velocities. Then it’s visually inspected and based on the test, the mask is rated.
  • Breathability: Masks are tested to check how they are resistant to airflow. As the air is driven through the disposable mask, the experts check the pressure before and after. If the mask has a lower breathing resistance, it indicates better comfort for the wearer.
  • Flammability: The flammability test is where the experts expose the mask to a flame and the time is measured in which the flame expands five inches up the material. It’s an important test to be done to ensure ultimate safety.
  • Bacterial Filtration: Bacterial filtration is a process where the mask is tested to check how effectively it filters out the bacteria. Generally, the staphylococcus aureus bacteria are used in order to measure the bacteria percentage.
  • Particulate Filtration: To conduct this test, the concentration of latex aerosol is used to measure the percentage of particles being filtered by the mask. This test is done in an airflow chamber. Depending upon the performance on each of these tests a mask is rated. It needs to be realized before anyone buys a disposable mask.

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