Has Your Relationship Become Tasteless and Boring?

Inject Some Warmth in Your Chilly Relationship!

Has your relationship become tasteless and boring? It is common for a spark to diminish if you have been in a relationship or been married for a long time. Here are some ways that can reignite that passion. We’ve put together some exciting ideas for you.

At times, we tend to see a lot of couples today that simply look bored out of their minds when they are with each other. In turn, it leaves us wondering – will this happen to me? And the next thing you are looking for is a way to spice up your relationship between spouses.

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While you do not want to be that kind of couple, the magic between two partners tends to fade out, even if it is only a tiny bit. This is because you and your partner are in a comfort zone right now. Eventually, you will run out of things to talk about and realize the awful truth – you have become boring.

When you have been in a relationship for many years, it is easy to get used to each other. The only problem here is that too much comfort leads to boredom – no couple should settle for it. Before diving into how to spice things up, let us look at some ways to tell you that your relationship is officially entering the ‘boring’ territory, and you start looking for the best online dating sites.

Signs That Tell You That Your Relationship Is Unhappy

Boring is a word that often has a negative connotation. However, it does not have to be bad, as long as both partners are happy. Some couples prefer a set routine in their relationship, while others look for more spontaneous ways to spice things up. Here are some signs that will tell you that your relationship has become tasteless:

  • You Do Not Experience Butterflies Anymore

You used to feel butterflies when you first started dating. However, now you can barely recall what they are. While there is no doubt that your heart flutters when he/she kisses you, you will eventually feel them ebbed over time.

  • Lack of Overall Interest in Your Partner

Apart from those butterflies, you might also lose general interest in your relationship partner characteristics. This means that their job, family life/relationship with spouse family, or social life is not of great importance anymore. For instance, if your spouse is talking to you and you immediately tune out, it means you have lost interest.

  • Lack of Spontaneity

If you cannot recall the last thing you did for your spouse or even together, it could be a sign that your relationship is boring. Of course, you also have to be realistic since you are not living the rom-com life. While a trip to a dream destination might not be possible, a bit of spontaneity is important in any relationship.


  • You Do Not Seem to Mind If Your Partner Cancels Date Nights

You become indifferent if your spouse cannot make it to the date night. After being together for so many years, you tend to lose that spark that drives you. If you would rather stay at home and eat snacks, consider this a sign that your relationship is getting boring.

  • There Is Nothing to Talk About

At times, the sounds of nature might be louder than your voice. This probably might have to do with the fact that you have nothing to talk about. This tends to happen. When a couple has been together for so long, they run out of topics to discuss.

  • Your Eyes Wander Around More Than They Should

If your relationship is open, then you should have discussed the possibility of hanging out with other people from time to time. Otherwise, you or your steady relationship flirting partner might be tempted. This is a significant sign of boredom in the bedroom and your relationship overall.

What Should You Do to Reignite the Fire Between You and Your Partner?

From the above, it is understandable that things will simmer down over time, and you may start feeling upset. However, it does not mean that your partner relationship form or marriage is doomed. All you need to do is devote more energy and time to making things exciting again. Here are some useful tips if your spouse’s relationship has lost meaning and got tasteless.

Make Your Marriage a Priority, Not an Afterthought

When you are married to your husband/wife, you need to spend some quality time together. If you have kids, look for trusted babysitters. If you think it would be too much money for a single night out, compare it with divorce attorney fees or marital therapy cost!

Apart from sex, doing things together will make you feel more connected to one another. Window shopping, star gazing, long walks, watching the sunrise, or sunset — these are some simple pleasures that will surely bring the two of you closer.

Take the Lead

If you are a submissive relationship life partner, take the lead and get things rolling. Break the routine! Remember that you do not have to dance to someone’s tune each time. Experiment with different things. If you do something in a particular order, switch it up; all you need to do is let loose and be new, free, and unfettered.

Fix the Problem, Not the Person

Whenever you and your relationship critical partner argue, it is crucial to refrain from using ‘you’ in the statements. Any of these sentences – like ‘you did not do this or that’ – will just ratchet up the stress level. It causes a lot of division, defensiveness, and anger.

Instead, you can make use of ‘I’ statements that describe how you feel. It has been proven to be more effective at pointing out the problem. If you manage to do it calmly, so much the better.

believe in you
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Go out on Dates More Often

Even if you are married, you actually need to go out. However, it can be quite common for a relationship lazy partner to forget to do this because of sleep, school, and work routines. Additionally, kids can make it even more difficult. Making dates once in a while is very important to keep the spark alive. Thus, you will be able to reconnect with your better half, relax, and take a break from your chores. Apart from saving your marriage, regular dates can also strengthen it.

Praises Can Go a Long Way

It is natural for people to feel deeply attracted to those who appreciate and are interested in them. All you need to do is shower your partner with adoration and compliments to become the focus of his/her attention, and vice versa. Write down all the positive things your partner does for you and your relationship.

Appreciate your spouse when they dress up, take you out for lunch/dinner, or cook something for you. Always look for ways to express your love in different ways and be thankful. You can get a card that reads ‘thank you for being there’ or a rose; remember that small thing’s matter.

Do All Those ‘Little Things’

When you have just started your love journey, you tend to do ‘small things’ to impress your partner, like arranging surprise dates, buying flowers, leaving notes, etc. While these gestures are nice, they also make a significant difference, showing that you care about your partner and want to make them feel special. Once you get married, it can become easy to forget about this. With work, house chores, and kids, daily tasks can become overwhelming. However, if you manage to find time to achieve relationship partner goals, it will help you strengthen your marriage or even save it from becoming bland and boring.

Always Be Open and Transparent About Your Finances

Money can be one of the main reasons why people disagree or argue in a relationship/marriage. You need money for everything: an emergency that you were not expecting, another bill in the mail, etc.; all these coupled with your monthly expenses.

You must discuss money with your spouse. However, it would help if you also controlled the way you deal with relationship partner communication about finances. Not being transparent can cause some cracks even in the healthiest marriage.

Accept the Changes That You Cannot Influence

Almost all the strife in a relationship when partners live together comes from the common belief that you cannot live with your partner’s imperfections and bad habits. However, the sooner you understand the truth, the faster you will be able to move on. No matter how much you complain, there are some things that you cannot change simply because you want to.

Rather than controlling what you do not like, you need to learn to accept, work around your spouse’s negative habits, and focus on the positives. At times, you may even face a paradox – when you stop fighting, things may actually change. While there are no guarantees, what is the harm in trying?


There is always a chance that your marriage may fall out of shape somewhere in the middle. It is quite sad that most take this for granted. However, these couples do not realize the importance of a good partner relationship until it is time for marital therapy or a divorce!

Like other things in life, marriage needs to be worked on and requires some maintenance from time to time. While the love between a parent and child is absolute, the love between two partners is not. Hence, to save your marriage, ensure you follow the tips mentioned above.

Tell us what you do to keep the spark alive in your relationship. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can ask them below in the comment section. We hope you liked this article!

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