What to Do When You Are in Love With a Beautiful Girl

You can’t SEO pure adoration.  I mean who searches for “jenny”? But someone may search of something like “What to do when you are in love with a beautiful girl.”

I will not breach the pure confidence of love with a story for your amusement.

I will sacrifice my soul to tell the story.  Only if you write a few things down after this missive and then act upon at least one of them to make your life better.

So let the story begin.  I’m a SEARCH nerd.  I make your website show up in the rankings or I optimize your ad spend and drive traffic to your business, podcast or whatever you’re pitching.  That’s what I get paid for spending my time away from the artist.

It’s quite nerdy.  Do you understand what polar opposites are in physics?   They are basically what makes the world stay on it’s axis.  It’s magnetic.

It’s why Elon Musk get’s to be Elon Musk.  It’s basic math they should be teaching in schools.

In a relationship it gets a little more dirty than a Spaceship to Mars!

It’s when, no matter what happens you cannot turn away from the other person.  The absolute adoration, the love, the fuck everyone else, what do you need, is beyond comprehension of a rational person.  It’s just magnetic.

Almost nothing matters, except that attraction.  Like a bug to the light.  You can’t stop it.  And it can’t stop you.

She doesn’t even have to be perfect in the eyes of others.  Maybe they/them/the others might say “run away boy, what about that other girl”.

You just can’t do it.  You might try, but then basically you ruin some bystanders life!

Stuff that is friggin scary doesn’t bother you at all.   Just somehow to be in her life.  In her bed.  In her kitchen.  In her back porch trying to quit smoking cigarettes or drinking.  You get to have options.

You assume REASON.  Not rationality, REASON.  A reason to be better.  A reason to change.  You know that you will stumble and fall, but you know she’ll be there to pick you up, hand you a beer and a smoke and tell you it’s going to be ok.

“Now go make me something to eat” or “Get to work boy”.

There is nothing in this world better for a successful loser to hear than that.

There is nothing in this world better to feel than a random backrub only noticed by the one person who understands you need one.

There is nothing is this world better than going to Wal Mart for dog biscuits and leaving with something that you think she would look great wearing.  Because the whole damn place looks beautiful because you can only see it through your eyes, that can only see her.

It’s when you buy a six pack, and pour three down the drain.

It’s when you lock the door behind you and check out the patio to make sure there are no creeps around.

It’s when you STOP for a moment and just simply tell her that you love her.

It’s when you put up with her fear of you.

It’s when you say it’s ok, I love you, don’t be afraid.

It’s when you worry about the chemicals she puts in her hair to avoid the grey, and go to a sex shop to get her a grey wig instead (didn’t happen).

It’s when you know she’s coming over and you arrange the soaps that no one ever uses in your bathroom so it looks like you’re paying attention.

It’s when you bust out the good toilet paper, not that jailhouse stuff you usually use!

It’s when you agree that you can’t possibly live in the same place, but maybe you should buy a building so you can be close to each other.

It’s about three beers into it when you realize you shouldn’t have a fourth.

It’s when you take two puffs on the cigarette and put it out because you want to live a little longer.

It’s when you start writing poetry that no one will ever see.

It’s when …….

It’s when SHE matters more than you do in terms of the smile on your face.

And I’m a math and legal nerd, and as your Doctor and your Lawyer, you cannot put terms on a SMILE.

Certainly not one that gives your the all over shivers when you catch her fleeting glance.

It’s not SEX, it’s SEXY.


Beats the shit out of me!  I’m not a dick polluter, scammer or slutboy, although I’m sure I’ve tried and failed!

But I’ve been lucky to spend time with the best chicks on the planet.

And HEAR is what I have learned.  “YES DEAR”.  and shut up.

You can probably do whatever you want with motor based vehicles that increase the size of your penis or ego or whatever makes you feel more manly.

I prefer “YES DEAR”.   It’s not easy to do, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than any car Elon Musk could ever make!


Someone call Joe Biden (or John Kerry if he’s not in prison for High Treason, at least from the ’70s and certainly from last week) and let them know that I have solved the Climate Change Problem!

Girls.  Or better yet, the one Girl.  I won’t spell out her name, because then you would search for her and that would ruin everything!

But, for sure. I’m in love with a beauriful girl!

One Girl, can Create One Good Man.  And if he pays attention, he won’t be driving any car but hers!

It is not possible to fine a better woman than my Mom, the right proper Dr. Irene.

I have tried.  Ask anyone!

I found one that isn’t my Mother at all.

Yes. It’s true.

I’m in love with a beautiful girl


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