Why You Should Cultivate The Habit Of Reading To Increase Your Approachability

If you are willing to become more approachable, you should listen to a lot of ideas to become an exciting person to talk with. A lot of people fear socializing or talking to an unknown person and still want to communicate. Have you ever thought about what to discuss with an unknown individual? Or simply get confused on what to talk next to your crush? Well, that’s a widespread situation for most folks. In this article, we will go through the reasons behind cultivating a habit of reading. Dive in deeper to become the people magnet you always aspired to be.

The Habit of Reading

It Helps Shape Opinions And Enhances Vocabulary

Talking in social situations often includes giving a general opinion on various subjects. This is especially true for most cases, as we have to interact with familiar friends in outings or colleagues during office meetings. Striking the first impression is a tricky yet rewarding thing, but we all have a certain level of understanding of various subjects. For example, you cannot talk about payroll software or accounting software without using financial terminology. You need to look financially educated before commenting on such subjects.

They are not necessarily concrete enough for forming opinions or critically discussing the subject. I feel that nobody can accurately tell whether what their colleagues or random online connections know. Reading on various issues can help you understand many domains and ideologies to sharpen your intellect. Every subject has its fair share of vocabulary that is limited to itself. Using those phrases and words can work like a charm as they will convince everyone of your credibility on the topic.

Especially, having an opinion on something we don’t understand makes us look like rookies. Another thing I noticed over the course of years is that having an image of a pantomath makes us instantly attractive in a group of people. It’s because anyone can approach you to have a meaningful discussion about their area of interest. Combining the knowledge and vocabulary, you can flaunt an unmatched charisma in any gathering.

You Can Understand Current Trends Better While Curating Meaningful Conversations

A conversation is more about exchanging wisdom than merely speaking to each other. If you make it a point to read current affairs regularly, it will help create a rapport on various subjects over a while. All my life, I have witnessed folks speak on current trends with no idea over what they are uttering. Anybody who knows a thing or two on the same subject will find them nuts and reduce the interpersonal respect right away.

On the other hand, if you also club the information on the history of recent developments and the entire background, you can easily predict what happens next. Once you achieve that feat, you will find that people come back to you for having a chat on those subjects, but as an authoritative figure. Curating a meaningful discussion wins hearts and gives people a reason to initiate without fearing awkward silences.

Makes You Open-Minded And Balanced


We all agree to one fact that talking to someone for the first time can become a daunting experience if we find them judgmental or too bashful. Absorbing contradictory notions allows us to become more open-minded as a person and have a balanced outlook on life. I can tell you that many taken for granted ideologies can have vast differences for a different group of people.

Like rolling up your sleeves isn’t considered wise by many people. They find it intimidating and uncivilized. Do you know why we shake hands? In the wild west, cowboys used to shake hands to express that neither of the two was armed or hiding weapons in their sleeves! Now, today when you meet someone new with rolled sleeves, just remember this fact and see how you visualize the same act.

Just like this, accessing more literature will open the doors to experience other people’s emotional and cognitive reactions. Being empathetic means to experience another person’s emotions just like yours. For this, reading different characters in novels is a great way of exploring different mindsets in different situations.

Understanding personalities based on fictional and non-fictional characters will help us shape a general idea about everybody’s motivations and actions. The more you consume, the more open-minded and considerate you will become.

Enhances Your Perception To Kick Start Conversations On Shared Interests

So, you know that your potential recruiter is very active on LinkedIn and you are aiming to secure a position in their company. An excellent way to kick start communication is to go through their profile to find out one unique thing, yet they are enthusiastic enough to boast about it. If someone asks us a question regarding our hobbies or makes our eyes sparkle, nothing seems better than chatting with them even for hours. The same logic applies to dating.

All the good things we like play an important role in associating with different people. Studying humor through comics or cartoon columns is great for learning what excites the masses in general. But, be careful while joking as different age groups and educational classes play an essential role in its reception.

Shared interests don better results in commencing discussions. List your interests and include as many of them as possible. This will act as a clear indicator to the people on  how to initiate and what to expect. Having common interests also boosts your image as a like-minded and easy-going individual. Without reading i.e., discovering new topics, we will never conceive a personality interesting enough to talk.

Improves Your Ability To Ask Questions

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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

When was the last time anybody asked you a question? If you are having a tough time answering this question, I guess you need to try out this simple thing—read popular genres. Like I wouldn’t say I like watching movies too much, but I keep track of them. Anything accessible in the literature world deems more considerable attention in group discussions. If I mention ‘Star Wars’ in my social media handle and post related content, the movie’s enthusiasts will add me to their ‘tribe’.

In the same way, before asking a question, read enough content on the subject so that you can take the conversation forward without messing the beauty of that topic. I find that asking questions is one of the best ways of telling people that you are interested in knowing them through their opinions.

Benefits Of Reading Regularly For Your Brain

  • You can consider reading as your mental workout. It flexes, builds, and tones, your thinking muscles!
  • It helps you with both formal correspondence and interpersonal relationships.
  • It also builds a perception about yourself and what you like/dislike in general.
  • Many medical conditions require the patients to read about their symptoms to manage their illnesses better. It also prevents mental disorders.
  • It is also considered as a fun activity and an excellent stress buster. You can glide down the Alps or be a part of a recon mission, all inside your cozy pajamas.
  • You can add more arsenal to your vocabulary.
  • It lessens the rigidity of your mind and ignites empathy.
  • The more your ideas absorb, the more ideas you radiate.
  • A Yale study finds that readers enjoy a longer age span as compared to non-readers.

Final Thoughts

I genuinely feel that reading is one of the best habits for any person who is looking forward to socializing. I mean, like how can you do the ice-breaking without communication? Well, I cannot communicate with a lot of people to learn the dynamics of the human mind. Instead, reading newspapers, blogs, critical reviews, and so on is an excellent opportunity to explore others without risking your reputation.

I hope that you guys liked this blog, and you will cultivate the habit of reading a lot more to become the approachable, charismatic person you always aspired to be.

About the Author

Divyang Metaliya is a Business Consultant at FactoHR, an India based HR and Payroll Software solution provider. He is a creative business strategist with more than 8 years of experience.



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